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Viagra Soft functions for up to 5-6 hours and has to be taken each time prior to intercourse, as it's not anticipated to cure the condition.

The usual amount of women Viagra is 1 tablet computer taken with some water 45 minutes before sex.


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You need to additionally speak to your medical professional before taking it with each other with bosentan, prostate problem medicine, HIV/AIDS medication, isoniazid, cimetidine or conivaptan.

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All that could be yours aside from the astonishing convenience of purchasing the drugs needed from the convenience of your home.

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Sleep loss, muscular tissue aches, flushing, adjustments in color eyesight, diarrhea, light level of sensitivity, nosebleeds, tingling, feeling numb, or burning, headache, and pyrosis ( heartburn ) are mild negative side effects of Sildenafil, while such negative effects as priapism, lack of breath, sudden hearing loss, fainting, vision changes, sudden vision reduction, irregular heart beat, swelling in your hands, or upper body pain should be stated to your physician right away.

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Individuals with pre-existing eye troubles, smokers, and also those diagnosed with very high blood stress, high cholesterol levels and people older compared to FIFTY are most likely to establish unexpected eyesight loss that other people.

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